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Product How our remote buzzers work

Client holding a tactile BLS buzzer during an online EMDR therapy session
  1. You order the buzzers
  2. You plug the buzzers into your computer
  3. The therapist controls the buzzers via the bilateralstimulation.io website—no installation required!
It's that simple!

Offer all BLS modalities—remotely and in person

A therapist and their client doing a tactile EMDR session remotely.

Offer tactile BLS standalone or in combination with visual and auditory BLS—perfectly synchronized and reliable, remotely and in person.

Choose vibration intensity & speed

A therapist controls the BLS for their client during an online EMDR session.

Our buzzers offer 40 different vibration intensity levels, 20 different speed levels, and a configurable pause between the bilateral vibrations.

Moreover, our software allows you to save each client's BLS preferences. No need to write them down by hand anymore!

Use the buzzers in person

A therapist and their client using our tactile BLS buzzers during an in-person EMDR therapy session.

Simply control the buzzers from your computer or your phone while your client holds them in their hands during an in-person session.

For me, the remote buzzer really opened up a whole new world of working with clients!

a therapist
Heidi Roselle
LPCC, PMH-C, EMDR Consultant

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Who should order the buzzers?

Both therapists and clients can now order our remote tactile buzzers.

In our experience, most therapists first want to try out the buzzers themselves. Therefore, therapists might order one set of buzzers for themselves (which they can use for in-person sessions) and one or more sets of buzzers that they can later hand or ship to their clients (for remote sessions).

You can also invite your clients to order the buzzers themselves via this page here. We will then directly ship the buzzers to them.

How does my client receive the buzzers?

Your client can order directly from us (via this page here). We then ship the buzzers directly to them, with instructions on how to use them with you.

Alternatively, you as the therapist can order the buzzers and hand/send them to your client.

I received very positive feedback on the buzzers from my clients—especially from the kids!

a therapist
Liz (Jing) Zhang
LMSW, MHSA, EMDR Consultant

What are the system requirements for using the buzzers?

  1. A laptop/computer with Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, or Linux.
  2. Browser: Google Chrome OR Microsoft Edge, version 89 or higher.

Do the buzzers work with smartphones or tablets?

No, the buzzers can only be connected to a laptop/computer. But: You can connect them to a computer, stash the computer away, and control them from your phone (via the bilateralstimulation.io website, no installation required).

Tactile Buzzer set package contents
One set of our buzzers - buy replacement parts

Do the buzzers work with USB-C (often found on Macbooks)?

Yes - we include an adapter that makes the buzzers work with both regular old USB and modern USB-C.

How long is the cable?

5 feet (1.5 meters). We use an off-the-shelf cable to make switching easy. In the future we plan to also offer longer cable options. For now, if you wish a longer cable, we can recommend this one from Amazon.

Do I have to use bilateralstimulation.io to use the buzzers?

Yes, you can only control the buzzers via bilateralstimulation.io.

Do I need the paid Professional Plan to use the buzzers?

No, you can control the buzzers with the free plan of bilateralstimulation.io. That being said, our paid Professional Plan unlocks extra features such as your own personal link, the ability to save client BLS preferences, and much more.

Can clients use the buzzer on their own?

No, the buzzers can only be controlled by the therapist.

I really like the versatility of the buzzers—I can use them in a remote setting with clients and in an in-person setting as well.

a therapist
Leslie Pertz
LMSW, PMH-C, NIC, EMDR Consultant

Is it possible to have my own buzzers connected at the same time as the client has their buzzer connected?

Yes! Your buzzers will then vibrate in sync with your client's buzzers. This means you can feel exactly the same tactile stimulation as your client if you want to!

Can I use these buzzers for remote EMDR group sessions / remote G-TEP?

Yes! You can have multiple clients connect to your bilateralstimulation.io BLS session and they can all connect their buzzers at the same time. Everything will be perfectly synchronized.

Do the buzzers have CE/FCC certification?

Yes, our remote tactile buzzers are CE & FCC certified.
You can find the official test results here.

Therapist receiving the buzzers for tactile EMDR

Shipping Shipping

Shipping Costs

Number of Devices 1 2-4 5+
USA Standard $8 $14 Free Shipping
USA Priority $15 $20 $15
Canada CA$20 CA$27 Free Shipping
Europe 9 € 13 € Free Shipping
UK £13 £15 Free Shipping
Australia A$15 A$15 Free Shipping
Brazil R$ 50 R$ 50 R$ 50
Rest of World US$ 50 US$ 80 US$ 30

Delivery Times

Destination Business Days
USA Standard 3 - 7
USA Priority 2 - 3
Canada 8 - 15
EU 5 - 10
UK 5 - 10
Australia 3 - 7
Brazil 5 - 10
Rest of World 5 - 20

Please note that these are estimated delivery times based on previous orders. Deliveries can be delayed by circumstances beyond our control, such as delayed customs clearance or labor shortages at our courier partners. Unfortunately these delays are outside of our control. If you have any questions regarding a delayed shipment please reach out to us: contact@bilateralstimulation.io

Warranty One-Year Warranty & Money‑Back Guarantee


We offer a one-year warranty for the bilateralstimulation.io remote tactile BLS buzzers (normal depletion of consumable parts such as cables is excluded from the warranty). You can find more information on the bilateralstimulation.io warranty here.

Returns/30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on our remote tactile buzzers. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, simply contact us at contact@bilateralstimulation.io within 30 days of receipt of the product to initiate the return process. We will provide a full refund for the cost of the product, but please note that shipping costs will not be refunded.

SupportReach out

To learn how to start using your remote tactile buzzers and for common troubleshooting tips please visit:

Questions? Feedback? Ideas? Get in touch: contact@bilateralstimulation.io

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Expecting restock by July 19th

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