Hi! I'm Yanick, The creator of bilateralstimulation.io

I was a client of EMDR myself and experienced the profound impact of this therapy first-hand.

I created bilateralstimulation.io at the beginning of COVID, to enable my former therapist to provide EMDR therapy online. Then the tool went viral in the EMDR community! One week after launch the site briefly went offline because there was so much traffic!

What happened next astonished me even more: I got heartwarming emails from therapists and clients in the US, India, Chile, Ugandaโ€ฆ My humble BLS tool was spreading all across the globe!

Emails from therapists complimenting bilateralstimulation.io
These emails very much warmed my heart โค๏ธ

What started as a weekend project began to fill up my nights and weekends, next to my day job as a software engineer. While I was further developing the tool it spread to more and more therapists through word-of-mouth. When it reached 5000 therapists I decided to quit my job and focus on it full-time.

That's when my co-founder Benjamin joined and we turned bilateralstimulation.io from a project into a company. We are two old friends who each pursued careers in the technology and startup world and it has always been our dream to start a company together.

Since then we talked to hundreds of therapists, upgraded our visual & auditory BLS software, and developed the worldโ€™s first remote tactile BLS buzzers.

benjamin working on our tactile EMDR BLS buzzers
Benjamin tinkering with an early version of our tactile buzzers

Today more than 20,000 therapists actively use our free and HIPAA-compliant remote BLS tool to provide visual, auditory, and tactile BLS online. Most recently we launched our paid Professional Plan, which unlocks extra features in our software and helps us pay the bills.

It's an honor and a pleasure to help the helpers. Your heartwarming feedback keeps us going, and the fact that our tools are now used in tens of thousands of therapy sessions every week fills us with pride and joy.

We are grateful for our journey and excited for what is yet to come.

Yanick & Benjamin

yanick and benjamin, founders of bilateralstimulation.io

PS: We love to talk to y'all so if you have thoughts, feedback or concerns then reach out:

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